Roller Tanning-rocking and rolling through the ins and outs

What is Roller Tanning?

Years ago when I offered spray tanning, I realized I needed to pull away from tanning to grow the product line part of the business.  Not wanting to leave my customer friends in the lurch, I wanted to find a way they could tan themselves:  BUT, without having to get all the equipment, deal with the overspray, deal with the confines of a small space, without having to disrobe in front of someone else, etc etc....Roller Tanning became the answer!

I have been Roller Tanning myself for over a decade because it was easier for me to tan myself that way than to spray tan myself.  I would do an ok job spray tanning myself, but would have missed areas or over tan myself in other areas because I was having to bend and contort and use the spray gun in my "wrong hand" which caused tons of overspray and weird stripes on my body. 

The answer was a 4 inch paint roller (short handle or long), a paint tray and our COU Roller Tanning express formula.  Our formula is specially formulated to be thicker so it rolls on easier and doesn't have as many drips and flips as a solution would have that has to be thin enough to go through the spray gun nozzle.  I don't use barrier cream; I just brush the drier areas:  ankles, knees, and elbows with a makeup brush. 

Blend, Blend Blend in those areas! 

We offer the RT solution in different sizes so you can try it and see if this is the answer for your sunless tanning needs.  I have Roller Tanned in my kitchen, a friend's kitchen, outside in my yard, on vacation, before vacation; it's like the Green Eggs and Ham Dr. Seuss book:  in a box with a fox....I've almost done that!  I don't sell the paint rollers and paint trays because well, you can get them anywhere.  What you can't get is Roller Tanning solution.  This is a COU proprietary formula and it's not only thick and creamy, but it lays on like butter and is pushed into the skin with the pressure of the paint roller so it typically lasts longer.  Oh, and you only need one coat! 

I have a bunch of cheap brown towels from Amazon and those are perfect.  I like to have on hand both the bath size and the hand towel size.  Bath size goes on the ground, hand towel for wipe ups, patting down areas and anywhere you need a towel that's easy to maneuver.  I stand on the bath towel and then start at my foot, which is up on my tub, and move on up.  I use my makeup brush on the areas like the feet and hands (which you do lighter) so they are blended.  I do my feet, ankles, legs and then stomach and back-this is where the handle of the roller comes in handy, and then chest and arms.  I brush at the elbows and hands with my blending makeup brush....then Roller Tan the neck (don't forget the back of the neck!) and face last. For the neck and the face, I just use my blending brush, not the paint roller.

I work in that sequence because I don't want to wrinkle up the solution on my neck when I'm looking down tanning myself and then I do my face last, because I want it lighter.  I use the smaller hand towels to pat on my inner wrists or to wipe off excess solution from my blending brush.  Then I use the tamped off brush on my face because I want it lighter than the rest of my body.  You can always tap the brush into the top of the paint tray (not the reservoir where all the solution is) to add more. 

I love to have this solution on hand to pop up my feet if they're lighter because of wearing tennis shoes and I'm wearing sandals for a party later.  It can also be used to touch up a spray tan that you've gotten and it's wearing off, especially on your face.

Roller Tanning is also a great way to offer tanning as a service in a business setting where it needs to be tranquil.  Med spas for example.  A spray tan machine is loud and there can be overspray everywhere so it ends up being a mess.  Roller Tanning can be done with the customer standing on the floor (or up on a sturdy base/table) or lying down on an aestheticians table.  A menu of services can be offered to enhance the experience and tan:  hand massage, face mask, etc.  

I invite you to try Roller Tanning and see how easy it is!